Current stable

Peerfuse 0.0

Release notes

  • Support SSL connections between peers
  • Support CRL to revoke certificates
  • Can copy/remove/edit/get files on the filesystem workspace
  • Saving files in cache
  • When there is a netsplit or when a modification is made when a peer is disconnect, there will be a merge
  • On peerfuse-net, if we try to download a file to a peer behind a NAT router (unable to connect to it), messages are routed. In other case, a connection is established with it.

This version is not fully working, don't store any important file on it. You have been warned ;)

Development version

You can download the development version of peerfuse with:

git clone

Then you just have to do `make' to compile.

IMPORTANT: peerfuse is still under development!

You can browse sources here.


Check you have cmake, libcurl-dev, libssl-dev, libxmlrpc++0-dev and libfuse-dev installed, and run:

$ make

make install won't work, no need to try it.


On the root folder, run as root:

# modprobe fuse

You must add your user in the 'fuse' group by editing /etc/group:

# vim /etc/group
> fuse:x:114:my_username

You can also allow all users to use fuse with:

# chmod 666 /dev/fuse

or tune your configuration of udev

Now edit the default config file and you're ready to start peerfuse :

$ ./build.peerfuse-net/peerfuse-net pfnet.conf -d /path/to/mount/folder


$ ./build.peerfuse-lan/peerfuse-lan pflan.conf -d /path/to/mount/folder

To exit don't hit Ctrl+C or you could lose some datas. Instead unmount the mountpoint cleanly:

$ fusermount -u /path/to/mount/folder

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